Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
University of California
Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center


The Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center fosters and supports research, education and outreach programs focused on key agricultural and natural resource themes relevant to the Sierra foothills. We develop programs that address these critical needs with University of California academics as well as local and regional partners. On this site you will find information on how to propose and develop programs at the Center, an overview of current and previous programs, as well as specific information about the Center.

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Sierra Foothill REC Blog

  • Expanding Agricultural and Environmental Education in the Sierra Foothills

    Added August 30, 2016
    Participants visit a field site at the Medusahead & Barb Goatgrass Workshop held in June 2016.

    The UC Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center (SFREC), located in the foothills northwest of Sacramento, has progressively been expanding the extension and education programs offered at the 5,700 acre center. Over the past few years,...

  • Basic Equine Care and Management

    Added August 22, 2016

    The horse world undoubtedly includes a wide variety of associations, disciplines, breeds, and types of horse owners. In the Sierra Foothills, horse ownership is just as diverse. You will find everything ranging from competition, breeding and pleasure...

  • Research Spotlight: IBK (Pinkeye) Vaccine Testing

    Added August 12, 2016

    Over the past several months, Dr. John Angelos of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has been working on a vaccine for one of the cattle industry's most widespread diseases: infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (IBK), commonly known as pinkeye. IBK...

  • Release of Interactive Web Application for Visualizing Rangeland Forage Production and Weather Data

    Added August 5, 2016
    Production and Precip

    The UC Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center has nearly 40 years of rangeland forage production and environmental data. This information is widely used for assessing how current-year forage production compares to previous years and...

  • Staff Spotlight: New Beef Cattle Research Assistant

    Added July 25, 2016
    IMG 7089

    The Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center is excited to introduce Clint Tipton, the new Beef Cattle Research Assistant/Livestock Herdsman. Clint will manage and maintain the health and day to day needs of all livestock on the facility as well as...

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