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Education Materials (K-6)

The K-6 curriculum for the Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center’s (SFREC) Yuba River Education Center is based on the Science Framework for California Public Schools (2004).  This curriculum was developed by Zoe Beaton, M.S., a credentialed grade school teacher employed by the Sutter County School District who spent summer 2009 preparing these materials.
Teachers can explore available curriculum using the links below. The Thematic Education Posters and other visual aids can be displayed at the Yuba River Education Center. Teachers can request posters that focus on targeted curriculum. Many of the posters do overlap grade levels, so feel free choose the posters you feel are appropriate. In addition, there are Teacher Resources that support the posters. There are also a few links and book titles that are provided as an additional resource.
The assessment piece, “Four Square Questions,” is based on the following four learning styles: mastery, interpersonal, understanding, and self-expressive. For each grade level, there are four assessment questions. The questions are intended to reach different styles of thinking and to increase student engagement. Student responses may be written or done verbally in a small group or with a partner.
While copyrighted, the materials on this page may be downloaded and used freely for public education.


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