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The over 5,000 acres of rangeland and pasture and 8 talented field support staff provide the foundation for research ranging from intensive plot and individual animal-scale work all the way to research at landscape and herd-scale.  The center is a perfect place to conduct research that is large-scale or labor intensive or needs specialized equipment or expertise.  The center also is well suited to support research that requires frequent monitoring and long-term research that requires prolonged accesses and maintenance to research infrastructure.  Research support comes at an extremely affordable rate.  Click for details on research support rates and here to read more about how to submit a research project proposal.   

Current and recent research has focused on rangeland watershed and water quality management, invasive species management, native plant conservation and restoration, as well as a broad array of grazing and beef cattle production and health research.  Research at the center has helped unlock disease pathways and management options for some of the most serious cattle diseases and has helped develop state-wide guidelines for maintaining water quality on grazed landscapes.  Research at the center has tested and developed sustainable grazing strategies as well as native species restoration procedures and research at the station has helped craft major animal nutrition and production principles for California ranchers.

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