Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
University of California
Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center

Previous Research

Previous work at the center reflects the broad research needs on California rangeland and includes vaccine development and efficacy trials for pinkeye and foothill abortion, enhancing multiple ecosystem services in grazed watershed, managing water quality on grazed landscapes as well as the dispersal, spread and ecology of invasive plant species.  Comprehensive project descriptions are outlined in this section, and are organized in a table below by the number of years that the research project has been active. 

Research from 2016 to 2019

Project ID # Project Title Years Active Hours Approved   Affiliate
1906 Comparing the efficacy of organic and conventional herbicides for the control of invasive plant species 2 0 Davis
1907 Evaluation of timed Artificial Insemination as a breeding strategy to improve reproductive efficiency and calf crop 2 0 Davis
4003 Effect of Medusahead on beef cattle gains 7 55 SFREC
2001 Investigating the relationship between cattle personality and grazing distribution 1 0 Davis
7001 Scaling Effects of Nitrogen Addition in Grassland Community Composition 1 20 Davis
7002 Using DNA Tracers to Identify & Characterize Flow Pathways in Soil Systrems  1 70 Davis
7003 Developing a Cost-Effective Forage production Monitoring Tool in CA's Rangeland Using Remote Sensing Observations 1 100 Davis
6002 Intranasal Moraxella Bovis Vaccine to Prevent Pinkeye in Cattle  2 170 Davis 
6003       Effects of Ionophore Supplementation of Yearling Steers Gain on Annual Rangelands in CA  2 250 CE 
6005 Angular Survey of SFREC 2 25 Berkeley
5001 Rice Strawlage Feeding and Nutritional Analysis  3 500 CE 
5002 Small Mammals & Community Assembly 3 15 Berkeley
5003 Evaluating a Dryland Planted Pasture 30 CE
5005 Rangeland Production in a Variable Climate 60 Berkeley
5006 Supplementation of Brewer's Grain to Beef Cattle Grazing Native Rangeland  3 150 CE 
4003 Effects of Medusahead on Beef Cattle Gains  500 SFREC 
4008 Effects of Compost on Soil Organic Carbon 25 Davis
1002  Field Testing of a Foothill Abortion Candidate Vaccine in Cattle  100 Davis 
902 Interactions Between Seed Density, Seedlings Thinning Dynamics, & Nutrient Supply in CA Grasslands 10 Davis
808 Managing Rangeland Soils for C Sequestration 25 Berkeley
707 Nutrient Network: A Cross-Site Investigation of Bottom-Up Control Over Herbaceous Plant Community Dynamics & Ecosystem Functions 25 San Diego
306 Black Rail Metapopulation Dynamics 14 25 Berkeley
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