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Nutrient Network: A Cross-Site Investigation of Bottom-Up Control Over Herbaceous Plant Community Dynamics & Ecosystem Functions - 707

Principle Investigator: Dr. Katie Suding, ESPM

University of California Berkeley, for more project information click here

Nutrient Network: A Cross-site Investigation of Bottom-up Control Over Herbaceous Plant Community Dynamics and Ecosystem Function
The Nutrient Network is a grassroots research effort with the aim of answering questions about human impacts on ecosystems across the globe. This project is one of more than 70 being conducted worldwide. This project has several objectives: 1) explore the consequences of multiple resource limitation at Sierra Foothill and in the context of California rangeland, 2) examine the dependence of wild herbivore effects on plant productivity and local species richness, 3) compare environment- productivity- diversity relationships across systems using data collected from a broad range of sites in a consistent manner, and 4) implement a long-term, replicated, cross-site fertilization and herbivore exclusion experiment.