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Rice Strawlage Feeding and Nutritional Analysis - 5001

Principal Investigator: Glenn Nader, Livestock & Natural Resources Adviser, University of California Cooperative Extension. Click HERE for more information.

Rice Strawlage
Rice strawlage, which is rice straw baled at around 50% moisture, in previous studies has greatly increased the laboratory nutritional quality of rice straw. This research project will feed cattle rice strawlage to determine animal intake and performance, which field reports indicate is higher than laboratory analysis predicts. SFREC provides the feeding facilities and staff that can obtain detailed data on animal intakes, strawlage digestibility and the resulting weight gains. The strawlage process of utilization of rice straw could greatly impact California livestock and rice operations. It also could have worldwide impacts, as rice straw is one of the world's largest cereal residue produced. At present using it in the dry form has limited application in animal feeding systems.