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Medusahead & Barb Goatgrass

Medusahead has characteristic long, sharp awns that can spiral to be a forbidding grass to graze.

Medusahead (Taeniatherum caput-medusae) and barb goatgrass (Aegilops triuncialis) are two aggressive annual grasses that are negatively impacting rangelands across the western United States. These winter annuals establish and spread quickly, creating undesirable monocultures. Invasion of these species can result in the following: altered nutrient and hydrologic cycling, modified fire regimes, diminished wildlife habitat and reduced forage quality. 



Reference the below publications, links and educational resources for information about these undesired rangeland grasses.

Handouts & Informational Resources


Timing of Grazing and Mowing Treatments

 by P. Brownsey, J. Davy, T. Becchetti, M. Easley, J. James and E. Laca-October 2016 


Presentations & Handouts from June 28, 2016 Workshop:

Herbicide Options for Medusahead and Barb Goatgrass Control

by Dr. Joe DiTomaso, UC Davis (Power Point Presentation-June 28, 2016)

Grazing Strategies

by Josh Davy, UCCE Tehama, Glenn, Colusa (Power Point Presentation-June 28, 2016)

Aminopyralid for Medusahead Control

by Josh Davy, UCCE Tehama, Glenn, Colusa (Power Point Presentation-June 28, 2016)

Cost:Benefit to Livestock Production

by Jeremy James, UC SFREC (Handout-June 28, 2016)

Ranch-Scale Strategies for Managing Weeds

by Philip Brownsey, UC SFREC (Power Point Presentation-June 28, 2016)

On the Ground Success Stories

by Pamela Beitz, East Bay Parks (Power Point Presentation-June 28, 2016)

On the Ground Success Stories

by Justin Wages, Placer Land Trust (Power Point Presentation-June 28, 2016)


Timing grazing & mowing treatments based on plant growth stage 

by J. James, P. Brownsey, E. Laca, J. Davy, T. Becchetti, & M. Easley (Handout for land managers-September 23, 2015)

Medusahead & Barb Goatgrass Forum (Printed Materials / Presentations) - YouTube

Held November 5th, 2013, at the U.C. Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center

Barb Goatgrass  (Publication focused on biology and control)

by J. Davy, J. Ditomaso and E. Laca