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Community Workshops

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Ranching & Range Mangement in a Drying Climate - May 15, 2019

May 15th 2019 from 9 AM to 3:30 PM

UC Researchers & Agency Scientists discuss emerging understanding and decision-support tools to support rangeland management and livestock production under a drying and more variable climate. 


  • Changes in rangeland ecosystem services in a drying climate
  • Managing soils and forage to optimize soil health and production
  • Livestock production, decision tools, trigger points in drought
  • Livestock health management during drought, deluge and fire
  • Climate data and data visualization tools to support on-ranch planning


Location of the event is at the University of California Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center at 8279 Scott Forbes Rd. Browns Valley, CA.

Workshop Presenters & Agenda

Workshop Flyer

Compost Addition on Foothill Rangeland -- November 14, 2018

Nov 14th from 10 AM to 12 PM

The Silver Lab at UC Berkeley discussed results from a long-term (10 year) compost addition trial on foothill rangeland and observed benefits for forage quality, quantity, and  soil health characteristics.   Researchers also spread compost for a new project that same day, supported by the 2017 Healthy Soils Demonstration Project and funded by Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds and part of California Climate Investments.  From this project participants learned about cost/benefits and practical approaches to applying compost at scale. 

Location of the event is at the University of California Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center at 8279 Scott Forbes Rd. Browns Valley, CA.  For more information email Jeremy James at jjjames@ucanr.edu or call 530-639-8800

Agenda - Rangeland Compost Nov 2018

Presentation from this event:  Compost Application Field Day Powerpoint Nov. 2018

Practical Approaches to Managing Medusahead and Barb Goat Grass -- June 28, 2016
The Future of Farming & Ranching Forum - Feb. 22nd, 2014

The following presentations and materials were presented at the Future of Farming and Ranching Forum on February 22nd, 2014.


Getting Started - 10 Principles for Starting Your Farm or Ranch Business

Dan Macon, UCCE and Flying Mule Farm

Business Planning Essentials - Building a Sustainable Farm/Ranch Business

Dan Macon, UCCE and Flying Mule Farm

Local Programs and Resources

Elisa Noble, Placer County Resource Conservation District

10 Principles for Maintaining and Expanding an Enterprise

Shermain Hardesty, Cooperative Extension Specialist, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Small Farms Program 

Understanding Risks on a Small Foothill Farm

Matthew Shapero, The Buckeye Ranch

Expanding Your Roadmap - Getting to Scale

Matt Wentz, Lucchesi Vineyards

Student Presentation #1 : Lucchesi Vineyards and Winery

Maxie Holmberg-Douglas, Davi Pettinato, and Kari Jarvis - Nevada Union FFA Students

Please see our YouTube channel for videos relating to the following proceedings.

January 29th, 2014 Drought Workshop

The following links provide hard copies of the presentations and information offered at the workshop titled "Mitigating Drought: Optimizing pasture, supplemental feed and managing risk" held in Browns Valley on January 29th, 2014.


Managing Drought - Introduction - Glenn Nader / YouTube

Rangeland Forage Production - Forero / YouTube

Using Stored Feed on Annual Range - Davy / YouTube

Drought and Irrigated Pasture - Forero / YouTube

Grazing Management During Drought Conditions - Ingram / YouTube

Optimizing Supplemental Feed - Oltjen / YouTube

Alternative Protein Supplementation - Sainz / YouTube

Roughage Supplementation - Nader / YouTube

Pasture Range and Forage Insurance - Griffith / YouTube

Drought Economics - Nader / YouTube

Cattle Management Considerations During Drought / YouTube

Federal Assistance Programs for Drought - Oldfield / YouTube

Feeding and Nutritional Aspects of Roughage Supplementation (YouTube)

What did Ranchers Learn from the 1970's Drought? (YouTube)

The following materials have been collected from UCCE Livestock Specialists, UC Davis animal science reports, the Cattlemen's Association, and various other accredited sources to provide ranchers with useful information.

Annual Range Forage Production

Beef Tests at CAHFS (California Animal Health and Food Safety)

CAHFS Connection Jan '14

Cow Calf Budget Template (Excel sheet to help individually analyze costs)

Drought - Risks to Cattle from CAHFS

Drought Economics

Early Rains Alter Range Forage

Livestock Management During Drought

NCBA Tax Document

Oak Toxicity and Treatment

Poisonous Plants to Livestock

Unusual Feedstuffs

Use of Alternative Feedstuffs in Your Beef Operation

Weather-Related Sale of Livestock

2011 Managing Rangelands for Ecosystem Services Workshop and Field Day